Saturday, July 26, 2014

Doesn't He Care About Serious Issues?

It's strange to me that President Obama does not seem to care about the major issues facing the world right now. I know foreign policy is not easy, but as more and more things go wrong - he has simply ignored those issues rather than attempting to engage and solve them. I do not understand his behavior and it is very concerning when the leader of the United States refuses to face down big problems and work to solve them.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weather In Texas Is Weird This Summer

I have lived in the State of Texas all of my life. One thing that is a constant here is when it's summer-time, it's always hot. However, 2014 has turned out to be a very strange year. First, it was very cold last winter and now as summer is almost half over – the number of hundred degree days can be counted on one hand. What happened to Global Warming?

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Police: Where Do You Live Joke

Police: where do you live?
Me: with my parents
Police: where do your parents live?
Me: with me
Police: where do you all live?
Me: together
Police: where is your house?
Me: next to my neighbor's house
Police: where is your neighbor's house?
Me: if i tell you won't believe me.
Police: tell me
Me: next to my house


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Watch Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Give Funny Safety Instructions

Most folks know that it's not as much fun flying these days as it use to be. However, at least one of the flight attendants with Southwest Airlines is trying to make the experience a little more bearable. Click the image above to watch how this pretty young blonde flight attendant takes the most boring part of any flight and turns it into something that makes everyone laugh.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Funny Joke Told To Police Officer By Lady Speeding

I have heard a bunch of jokes about stories told to police officers by people pulled over for speeding, but this one has to be the best.

Woman: "Is there a problem officer?"
Officer: "Ma'am you were speeding."

Woman: "Oh, I see."
Officer: "Can I see your license please?"

Woman: "I'd give it to you, but I don't have one."
Officer: "Don't have one?"

Woman: "Lost it 4 times for drinking."
Officer: "I see, can I have your vehicle registration papers please?"

Click here to read the rest of the joke.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Funny TV Blooper Videos From The Year 2014

Here are a bunch of video bloopers from this year. It doesn't take long for people on television to start making mistakes that create a bunch of laughs for everyone else. No funny blooper video would be complete, this year, without that funny guy Mayor from Toronto, Canada.

Click here to watch it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Funny Newscast: Mad At Reporter

In the video clip above, a lady comes up to a reporter and blames her for ruining something she was trying to do. The video is very short, but the funniest part comes at the end when an anchor back at the TV-station starts making fun of the person.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Funny News: Bloopers From 2013

Last year was a big year not only for news, but for news bloopers as well. In the video above, watch some of the funniest TV bloopers and outtakes from all over the world. Most of the news today is just too depressing for me to watch. However, this video is nothing but good fun and laughter.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Picture Of 19-Foot Gran Habano Cigar

In Florida recently, a man paid $185,000 for a 19-foot Gran Habano cigar. I don't know exactly how anyone would smoke such a thing, but I doubt actually using it is something the buyer had in mind. Can anyone say, publicity stunt?

In the picture above, you can see just how large a 19-foot cigar really is. Maybe Bigfoot will show up and want to take a puff.

Barbara Walters Has Chicken Pox

It was revealed this morning that broadcast icon Barbara Walters is suffering from the "chicken pox". When I heard this news I could not believe that anyone in this day and age could get through childhood without catching a case of chicken pox. However, Barbara Walters has proven me wrong. I still remember when I caught chicken pox. It was in kindergarten and I ended up exposing the whole class on the last day of school.

I certainly hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Vulture Effigy At Church Hangs Upside Down From Steeple

In Jacksonville North Carolina, a Baptist church was losing its roof to a group of vultures who took up residence and began eating it. Without knowing exactly what to do, the church decided to hire a taxidermist to create a mean looking fake Vulture and then the church hung that effigy upside down on the steeple. Early reports are promising.

Apparently, the Vultures do not like the new fake bird and have decided to go hangout somewhere else.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Funny Superbowl Commercials 2013

Each year, there are dozens of funny Superbowl commercials broadcast during the biggest game of the season. Sadly, many of the commercials we use to wait to see on Superbowl Sunday are now released days and weeks ahead of time on the Internet.

I wish we all had to wait until the big game to see the commercials, instead of seeing very public leaks of them by companies hoping to recover some of the millions of dollars they pay just to show them on national TV.

57-Year-Old Michael Sheehan DWI Arrest

Recently in a small Maryland town, Michael Sheehan age 57 was arrested for DWI after he pulled into the parking lot of a police station through the wrong entrance. A large sign saying "Do Not Enter" and "Police Personnel Only." was ignored by Sheehan who later failed a breathalyzer test.

It was only a few steps from where Sheehan was arrested to the holding cell he was placed in at the same police station and jail.

Huge Boulder Hits Home In Utah

A family is extremely lucky after a huge boulder crashed through their home, recently. One of the residents of the house, a woman, was seriously injured. That said, their home (which they were renting) suffered a tremendous amount of damage.

When we go to bed at night, most of us expect to wake up with our bedroom looking exactly the same in the morning. This story proves that is not always the case.

Call Of Duty Game Results In Police Dispatch

In a strange story out of Sweden today, after neighbors heard screams and loud cries for help at a home yesterday - they called police to help the residents inside.

When the police arrived, no one in the home needed help. Instead, a couple of the residents were playing the game "Call of Duty" and just had the volume too loud.

Robber At Papa Johns Pizza Starts Crying

Recently, an armed bandit walked into a Papa Johns' pizza location in Montana and demanded money. As the employee at the restaurant started giving him cash, the thief started to cry.

Soon the robber began telling the Papa Johns' employee that his wife and child needed the money. As the man left, the restaurant employee gave him some free food to take home as well.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Florida Man Steals 166 Manhole Covers

In a strange story out of Florida, a man by the name of Christopher Fink was arrested last week and charged with stealing 166 manhole covers.

Police put the value of the thefts at more than $ 20,000. Apparently, Fink intended to sell the manhole covers for cash.

Hearse At Burger King Drive Thru During Funeral

Family members of an 88-year-old man who died in Pennsylvania recently had one last surprise for their dearly departed. On the way to the cemetery, they order his hearse to make one last stop at Burger King. Apparently, the deceased man loved Whooper Jr. burgers and order him one more, for the last time.

Now that's my kind of family love and loyalty.

30-Python-Snakes Killed So Far In Florida

You may have heard that the State of Florida is becoming overrun by Python snakes. There are so many snakes now crawling around the state that a bounty has been put on them.

Snake hunters from around the world have headed to Florida to not only help the state reduce the number of Python's there, but also to win some extra pocket money.

Stunt Plane Almost Hits Camera Man On Ground

In the Dallas / Fort Worth suburb of Lancaster, Tx - a stunt airplane almost hit a person holding a camera on the ground, today.

Talk about a scary situation.

Normal Man Acting Like Strange Doctor

Did you hear about the man in Florida who enjoyed posing as a doctor? This same guy decided to use crazy glue to stitch up a patient.

Keep me away from this fool.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Funny Dog Talks In His Sleep

Video of a little puppy dog talking in his sleep while laying on a bed.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Loud Mouthed Girl Punched By Bus Driver

Recently, a teenage girl got an uppercut after hitting a bus driver.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Strange Lawsuit Filed By Michael Jackson's Family

It was learned yesterday, that Michael Jackson's family has filed a lawsuit against the concert company that was promoting his comeback tour shortly before his death. Sadly, most members of the Jackson family have little to no self respect when it comes to their efforts to try and blame anyone else, besides Michael, for his lifestyle choices and untimely death.

Almost every right thinking person knows all too well why Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 and none of those reasons are the fault of a music promoter who paid huge sums of money to Michael Jackson in order for him to continue to live in a world that was not of this Earth. The Jackson family believes that their sons concert tour promoter's actions to force Michael to practice before his worldwide tour, somehow lead to his death. To that all I can say is "hogwash".

While Michael Jackson was alive, he took financial care of his family and all of their personal needs. Now that he has died, many members of the Jackson family seem to be hell bent to making someone else pay for those needs as well. It's a darn shame that while Michael Jackson seemed to always care too much about others, his immediate family seems to only care about themselves. I hope Michael Jackson's family is not successful in their lawsuit against their sons tour promoter.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reggie Bush Returns 2005 Heisman Trophy

Back in 2005, a young college football player by the name of Reggie Bush was consider the best in the NCAA and was awarded the Heisman Trophy. Tuesday, Reggie Bush decided to give back that high honor because during his tenure at Southern California University he received gifts and favors from people who wanted something from him.

When I first heard about this Reggie Bush / Heisman Trophy controversy the first thing that popped into my mind was "here we go again". For decades, the NCAA has worked unsuccessfully to try and keep their athletes free from the outside world of capitalism. However, it's now clear that they have not only failed in the past - but they are failing in the present and the future as well.

Folks, anytime you have a sport like college football where universities and television networks earn millions of dollar while the men on the field taking all the risk are being paid nothing, but free tuition and room and board - there are going to be problems. Did Reggie Bush break NCAA rules? Yes he did. However, the biggest question that needs to be asked is "should those rules be abolished"?

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Strange Disease Cancer Hard To Understand As Death Nears

One week ago, my mother-in-law passed away after a short battle with cancer. For weeks, after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Large Cell Lymphoma, she steadily got worst in both her physical and her mental health. However, one week before she died, my mother-in-law seemed to snap back to normal as she wanted to not only get out of her bed at the nursing center run by Hospice that she was in, but her attitude and mental clarity went back to normal as well. My wife and I both thought that some kind of miracle cure was happening right before our eyes - but we were wrong.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Michael Specter Reminds Me Of Glenn Beck

"Michael Specter Reminds Me Of Glenn Beck." For months, I have watched Glenn Beck on Fox News talk about how a liberal mindset is going to cause the United States of America to self-destruct. Now, CNN has found a voice for it's left leaning viewers by the name of Michael Specter who is proclaiming the exact opposite of Glenn Beck and who honestly believes that the world is finished if we don't start believing in science again. In so many ways, Glenn Beck and Michael Specter are perfect representatives of what is right and wrong with this great nation. There is one simple fact as to why the American people have turned away from science and that reason is because science, especially in the United States, has been corrupted by the politics of liberalism.

While Michael Specter continues his crusade on CNN and at live speaking appearances to convince Americans that a sound belief in science is our best salvation, most Americans need only follow their own gut instincts when it comes to previous science that has been debunked at best and proven to be a political fraud at worse. Even when you take politics out of scientific research and studies, there is still a bad taste in the mouth's of most Americans who are told one month that something they eat or take is good for them and then another scientific study comes out a few months later that totally contradicts what they were told before. It's no wonder that the American people do not trust science anymore. If Michael Specter really wants to bring the world of science back into the homes of mainstream Americans, what he should do is find some way to stop all the conflicting science that is released to the public on a regular basis.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"I Will Always Love You" By "Lin Yu Chun" From Taiwan

'"I Will Always Love You" By "Lin Yu Chun" From Taiwan.' A young man from Taiwan has blown away people around the world after he preformed the Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston classic song "I Will Always Love You" on a reality TV show. When I heard all the hype about how well Lin Yu Chun sang on this show I was initially skeptical, but man was I wrong. Below is a YouTube clip of Chun's performance on Taiwanese television. Enjoy and pass the word about this young man with a voice of pure Gold.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

John Forsythe From Charlie's Angels Dead At Age 92

"John Forsythe From Charlie's Angels Dead At Age 92." In a strange, but not funny category tonight - I report the death of John Forsythe the voice of Charlie on "Charlie's Angels" a mega hit television show from the 1970's. The strange part is not that John Forsythe became an international TV star during an almost 10 year run as Blake Carrington on the hit ABC television show "Dynasty" - but the fact that he rose to almost superstar status, because of a role he played on TV years before where he never appeared on screen, with the exception of his voice. Many people in their 50's, 60's and 70's remember well the voice of John Forsythe who played an international playboy who also owned a private investigation firm that employed three of the most beautiful women in the world.

After the world got a good look at John Forsythe when he appeared as the lead character Blake Carrington on "Dynasty" years later, it was clear that when he was cast in the role of the never seen Charlie on "Charlie's Angels", his lack of appearance on screen was not due to the fact that he had a wonderful voice, but lacked the facial profile to fit a Hollywood star at the time. In fact, I remember many women telling me how handsome they thought Blake Carrington looked when he appeared weekly on "Dynasty" during the late 1970's and early 1980's.

When I read tonight that John Forsythe had died, it once again reminded me of my own mortality as father time continues to sneak up on me. It is wonderful news that Forsythe lived to the age of 92, which is much longer than most men live these days in the United States of America. The cause of John Forsythe's death was reportedly from cancer. While over the years millions of people grew to know Forsythe from his numerous TV appearance, it is strange and ironic that millions of Americans first knew John Forsythe's voice on "Charlies Angels" - long before they would have ever recognized his face in a crowd.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

GOP Acting Crazy About Health Care Changes

"GOP Acting Crazy About Health Care Changes." As the political rhetoric built to a fevered pitch a few days ago, GOP leaders in Congress talked as if the United States as well know it would end if Obama health care reform became law. Well, a couple of weeks have passed and I have as of yet not noticed the "sky falling" or for that matter a good dose of biblical Armageddon occur in the United States of America.

The truth is that health care reform is and always has been about wealth transfer in the U.S.. Put simple, the people with the wealth, the doctors and hospitals that take in millions of dollars per day under the current system, do not want anything or anyone threatening their current way of life. Now, Obama health care reform is law and leaders in the GOP are still fighting to keep it from progressing forward. I was against Obama style health care reform, but my opinion lost in this latest vote in Congress and put simply it's time to move on to other things.

Sadly, the GOP believes that the best way to take back power in the Congress is to keep fighting the law of the land for long enough to repeal it. The new buzz words from GOP leaders and their talking heads is that once Republicans take back control of both houses of Congress, they can quickly move to de-fund the new health care law that President Obama successfully got the Congress to approve. From my point of view, all GOP leadership in Washington is doing right now is to take a still angry group of Americans over health care passage and continue to milk them for as much money as they possibly can before this November's nationwide congressional elections.

It's still too early to know what the American people will place as their number one issue later this year. While it is possible that Obama health care reform will still be at the top of the anger list, the world is always changing and along with those changes - voters will move from issue to issue over a short period of time. So, if the GOP really thinks that today's issue of health care reform will still be on the front burner in voters minds in November, they may find themselves surprised and disappointed when election day rolls around in November of 2010.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chicago's Alex Hermann (Autistic) Perfect In NCAA Picks

"Chicago's Alex Hermann (Autistic) Perfect In NCAA Picks." Like millions of other people around the United States, I am excited each year when the "Final Four" NCAA Championship games begin. However, I recently learned that a 17 year old from the Chicago area who is also Autistic has done something that no one else in the country has been about to do and that is to pick the winners (so far) of all 2010 NCAA games.

Alex Hermann, with the help of his brother, entered his winning picks on the CBS Sport website and through the first two rounds of the NCAA playoffs was perfect in ever one of his picks. Wow, this kid must be good at math and since his hometown is Chicago - I have a feeling that some underworld figures might now start seeking him out in the near future to help out their odds as well.

To put what young Alex Hermann from Chicago really accomplished in prospective, a math wizard said that the odds of picking all of those games correctly was the equivalent of winning a state Lotto, twice. It has long been know that some people who have Autism are blessed with remarkable mathematical abilities. This latest story of Alex Hermann from Chicago further validates that belief and rather than everyone in this world looking at Autistic individuals as disabled - maybe we all should be trying to harness the extraordinary mathematical abilities they have - to help the rest of us with our daily problems and to find cures for terrible diseases.

Most of the solutions to the problems that face this world could be improved dramatically by a better understanding of mathematics and those with Autism seems to have the best math skills of any group of people on Earth.